Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Daze!

The second snow has come to Richmond VA for this winter. I really hope this is the last one. Richmond is not a city equipped for snow storms. It's one of those places that when it snows people go crazy. There are drunken parties, stores and goods and services packed to wall to wall. People get all jazzed up that school and work is canceled, and other think the Four Horsemen are coming around there mountain when they come. I will admit I like it for about a day then the beauty of it goes away and it looks like one gross mess. I've always thought that it looks like a Pena Calida and coke Slurpee was spilled all over the town. A white and brown color that seems kind of dirty and gross. I took some photos of the early stages of winter wonderland. I think that I am over it for the winter.
My birthday is a week from today and I am OK with this whole turning 31 thing. Last year I had some fears, but also had one hell of a year. It's like your birthday is a personal New Years. I have things I know I should be doing better, and things that just take time to get off the ground. I hope that 31 is better, and at the same time brings me new adventures. Well enjoy the pictures and hope the thaw comes quick and this is the last snow of the winter.

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