Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer's End.

Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Summer is slowly coming to an end. Man this was a long one even though it felt like it's days flew by. I am teaching my last class of the summer and taking a well need break. This summer started off with a bang. Fun good times with friends, working hard and playing harder.Awesome shows, and was just topped off this past weekend with the 9th annual Best Friends Day.
I worked a lot this summer saved a bunch of money, made a lot of connections, and hope that it leads to something popping up this Fall. Other than that I am going back to be Chesterfield County's number one sub teacher. hahaha. Give me a job folks.

Well, I am planing fall trips, one to Pilly To see one of the SLEEP shows and hopefully SF for a week. My band should be bouncing to one or two spots this fall as well. We just finished out 2nd LP and happy to get it out there very soon. It's( and I hate to toot my own horn) amazing. Four awesome songs spanning 30 min. Just enough for the next one that is in the works as well. I'll post a link for downloading here when we get it ready to come out.

Well, enough jibba jabba. Enjoy this pic of me and a few friends from a bday party we went to where you had to dress like a song. We went as "We're all 138". It's a Misfits song, but I feel most of my followers will get it. enjoy bye!

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