Sunday, June 27, 2010

VA summer time

There is a lot that goes on in the summer here in RVA. Bike riding, porch beers, river fun, looking at cute girls wearing cute fun summertime outfits, shows, and trying to stay cool and hydrated as much as possible.
I am teaching a summer class that I have been doing for 3 years now and it's going well. Teaching kids about the fundamentals of photography and doing some fun stuff using the darkroom and pinhole cameras. I myself in my down time while I am at school will try some fun pinhole work on my own. So, look for some of that when the time comes I will be scanning an posting...
Speaking of Scanning. I woke up this morning to turn on the tv to catch the last 10 min of Scanners. I love that movie. I also just watched Rabid for the first time and was impressed.. I am really glad someone got me into more Cronenberg some few years ago. I wish I could go to see him speak in Toronto in August, but I am teaching at the VMFA that week. Oh well I could use the money to save for my still not yet planed escape from here for a bit in the fall. I am still trying to think of where I want to go for at least a week.

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