Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mastodon came through and ROCKED!!! The National this past Sunday. I have seen this band from the smallest stage to the biggest stage over the past 9 years or so. I also remember the Bill and Bran playing in Today is the Day( who I wish I had pics of)
Well.... These are some that I snapped in cross processed at Swingers- Now McCormick's in Richmond. They are not the best seeing that that room was super dark and I was shooting the best I could through the crazy ass crowd.
The funny thing is about Sunday is there is a bar called Gibson's next door to the national and my friend Steve went up to one of the guys ( Brent) I think in the bar and said " Hey you guys have not been back around Richmond in a long time... I know you have some friends here and all".. (Brent) looked at him and in true rock star fashion said " UH! what city are we in? " Funny b/c when I took these pictures you would of thought Richmond was like their second home. Big tours.... money and getting beat up and having brain damage I guess will do that. ( Note... I think the second pic I scanned in backwards) notice Troy is not a left handed player and the amp logo is backwards.... my bad)

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